about Pointers Painters

Pointers Painters focuses on the specific needs of customers and happily tailors its services to meet individual needs and objectives. Our policy is to ensure that:
  • We make our services accessible to all.
  • We deliver our services to the highest professional standards.
  • We offer a flexible service responsive to the individual needs of
  • We react when a customer raises a query and resolve problems
    quickly and effectively.
  • We use the best materials available from the biggest manufacturers
    including Dulux, Johnstone’s and Sadolin.

We undertake projects of all sizes and types including:
• Shops
• Retirement homes
• Offices
• Private dwellings
• New build
• Council property
• Warehouses

We recognise that having contractors working on your premises can disrupt normal operations and can feel intrusive. At Pointers Painters, we take care to ensure that painting and decorating projects are planned to minimise any operational disruption.

We control health and safety risks arising from our work activities by consulting with our employees on matters affecting health and safety.
  • Ensuring all employees are competent to do what is asked of them
  • Providing and maintaining safe equipment
  • Ensuring the safe handling and use of substances
  • Preventing accidents and cases of work related ill health
Continually reviewing our systems of work and complying with the current applicable legislation.